News: Best Processor Winner June 2017


The leading provider of rankings for merchant service providers,, has named C&H Financial Services, Inc. in their list of Top credit card processing companies for the month of June 2017. Each month thousands of payment processors are put to the test while only the top performing are highlighted within the rankings. The referenced rankings contain top performing merchant service providers in the United States which assist businesses in high risk industries to obtain merchant accounts for payment processing.

To determine which companies are featured in the rankings, the independent research team spends time analyzing the offerings of different merchant service providers to determine how each MSP compares in performance. Providers are scored in five different areas which are displayed on the rankings, leading to the order of listings found on the website. The five areas of evaluation used by the independent research team include competitive rates, reliability, security, fraud detection, and customer support. The rankings are updated on a monthly basis to account for new findings and reviews offered by merchants.

During the evaluation process the independent research team also connects with merchants of different merchant service providers in order to obtain first-hand accounts of the services being provided and their communications with the merchant service provider. Providers which have ample merchants which speak favorable of them are more likely to excel within the rankings compared to those which may have merchants which speak poorly of their communication, fraud detection, or their ability to resolve issues the merchant may encounter.

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